Marie-Claire Quittelier is passionate about sharing. Whether it is a book, a meal, her house… Since her very young age she loves working with people, enjoys sharing her observations and using her experience in what she learned to educate.

This is why she enjoys working with clients and shares with their consumers since years the know-how she has gained to create added value to their communication strategy in the segment she has chosen: culinary matters.

One of her greatest passions is to cook. As a child, she reads recipes like others read comic strips. Her curiosity is enriched by family culture where the cooking virus is transmitted from generation to generation: her grandmother and mother taught her the joys of simple but delicious dishes and transmitted their secrets for an authentic cuisine. 

Another passion is to explain things: when Marie-Claire was learning her lessons for school, she would do it at a blackboard…

The combination of these two passions would direct her professional path. After a successful marketing career, this foodie decides to share her passion, know-how and culinary secrets in Belgium and beyond the borders. This is when she crosses the ocean again, and she accompanies Central Market in their initial concept and management of their cooking school at their flagship store in Austin, Texas.

She can’t stop creating, writing and sharing: develops recipes, writes cookbooks and organizes cooking workshops. Her natural and spontaneous approach, and love for good things are reflected in fresh and light recipes for major distribution chains, food manufacturers and magazines. Her cookbooks, designed for busy people, have received multiple awards at the famous Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Her philosophy: " Life is complicated enough. Let's keep it simple in the kitchen and have fun."